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ICE RESCUE: Story Gets National Attention

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The rescue happened last Thursday. Firefighters saved the boys who got stuck on an ice sheet near the hydroelectric dam. Now that everyone's safe, they're headed to New York to be on NBC’s Today Show.

It`s hard to imagine anything makes this 6 foot tall firefighter nervous. With his fiancée leading the way Alan Angstrom heads out to New York to tell his story on the Today Show. “Way more nervous about being on national TV than I am going into a burning building,” said Angstrom.

But it wasn`t a burning building that got the Today Show’s attention… it was this video The Fort Dodge Press shot of Angstrom rescuing two brothers on the Des Moines River. “It`s you know part of the job. It`s part of the lifestyle,” said Angstrom.

Last Thursday Angstrom`s job involved crawling across thin ice sheets near a hydroelectric dam. “You know you have to get up there to the boys and do what you`re trained to do,” said Angstrom.

Angstrom says this successful rescue helped his unit deal with something training can`t make easier. Earlier this month one of Angstrom`s fellow fire fighters died unexpectedly. The funeral was Wednesday, a day before the Fort Dodge Fire Department saved these two boys. Fire Chief Kent Hulett says, “This is something the guys needed.”

The Fire Department made these stones in memory of their fallen firefighter.  Angstrom plans on giving the boys the stones tomorrow, because they were collecting rocks right before going out on the ice.

The two brothers rescued are also on their way to New York. They left earlier from Cedar Rapids. Their mother says it’s the boys’ first time on a plane.

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