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THE INSIDERS: Roxanne Conlin & Tom Hoefling

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Roxanne Conlin has made a name for herself in law and politics and has strong feelings about a name some call women showing leadership.  Roxanne Conlin joins Channel 13's Dave Price for the first three segments of this week's edition of The Insiders.

In this first segment, she discusses the "Ban Bossy" movement, to try to encourage more girls to become leaders. Conlin also discusses what it's like to run against Terry Branstad for governor, something she did three decades ago.

In the remaining two segments of this edition, Channel 13's Dave Price talks to Republican candidate for governor, Tom Hoefling who is trying to make a name for himself by breaking current Governor Terry Branstad's hope of becoming the nation's longest serving governor.

For part 2, click here

For part 3, click here

For part 4, click here

For part 5, click here


  • Moonchild pie eater

    We here in Iowa really lost out not having Roxanne Conlin as gov.:(As for Tom Hoefling three things bothers me about him and his interveiw. One, dry mouth…eewwww.Two failed to use teeth whitener eewwww. and three hes a nut. How was his breath Dave?? lol

  • From Washington State

    Iowas Govenor Branstad seems to have got alot of corrupt stuff going on. Is that a requirment to be a republincan or something in your state?

  • Coffee Pot

    Branstad’s driver speeds, Culvers let ya smoke….
    Branstad’s people got 140,000…… Culvers only got 1.3 million.
    I notice the Democrats always ignore what they do, but pounce on the Republicans for doing the same thing, even if it’s worse.

    • Wild man from the Yucon

      Branstad has commited many crimes while in office the pass three years that are going to come back to haunt him this summer and fall.
      The show has not even started yet.

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