COURTHOUSE SCARE: Judge Wants Armed Security

A convicted drug dealer faces even more charges after police say he pulled a gun in court right after his sentencing.

Cory Daugherty had just been sentenced to 10-years in prison Monday on a meth charge when police say he pulled a gun in the Madison county courtroom while police were taking him into custody.

Daugherty escaped, forcing the lock down of Winterset schools. Sheriff Craig Busch spotted him a few blocks from the courthouse.

“I was running through my mind how can I approach him in my car, stop my car, put the car in park, get out, draw my weapon before he draws his weapon and starts shooting at me?” Sheriff Busch recalls. “Finally I just thought, well, whatever is gonna happen is gonna happen.”

cory daughertyAuthorities later found two loaded guns they believe Daugherty had stashed in a garbage bin.

The judge who sentenced Daugherty says he wants to see armed deputies guarding the courthouse and metal detectors at the entrances.

“I would like to at least have a deputy here, an armed deputy at all times, when we have people in court. I think we’re just asking for trouble if we don’t,” Richard Clogg said.

The sheriff says he doesn’t have the manpower or the budget to make that happen.


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