SUSPECT CAUGHT: Man Pulls Gun In Courthouse

Cory Daugherty

WINTERSET, Ia. — Officials say a man unhappy with the sentencing for his drug convictions pulled a gun at the Madison County Courthouse in Winterset Monday morning, then fled from law enforcement.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office says Cory Daugherty objected to the 10 year sentence a judge handed down and began yelling in the courtroom. A deputy approached in an attempt to calm him down, but Daugherty pulled out a .38 Special handgun from his pants. The deputy tried to cuff Daugherty but he got away. The deputy then tased Daugherty but he kept running and jumped down a flight of stairs, exiting the courthouse.

More officers were called in to search for Daugherty and he was located later by a sheriff’s deputy who took him into custody at gunpoint. No weapons were found on Daugherty when he was arrested but a search of the area turned up the .38 Special and a Ruger 9mm handgun in a nearby dumpster.

Daugherty now faces additional charges for Monday’s escape.

He has been charged with interference with official acts, felon in possession of a firearm, escape or attempted escape from custody and assault on a peace officer-while displaying a firearm.

The Madison County Courthouse does not have a metal detector at its entrance.


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