ARREST MADE: 2009 Sac City Murder

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A Florida man has been charged in the 2009 murder of a northwest Iowa man.

The Sac City Police Department says 54-year-old John Green was arrested Tuesday and is charged with first degree murder. Police say he admitted to killing 58-year-old Mark Koster.

Koster was reported missing in 2009 by family. He was declared legally dead in 2011.

Koster’s home was sold in 2012 and that’s when his decomposed body was discovered in the basement.

Investigators say Green lived with Koster for a short time in 2009. When police interviewed him Tuesday, they say he admitted to killing Koster and hiding his body.

Green is awaiting extradition back to Iowa.


  • Harry Moyer

    Come on SAC Co., if whomever investigated this in 2009 is still on the force… they really need some kind of disciplinary action. How in the world do you investigate a persons disappearance and not thoroughly search their home? Not just once, but multiple times. if this body wasn’t concealed by a permanent structure, (ie. concrete, wall, etc.), there is no excuse. Not to mention the smell that should’ve been quite noticeable by the time he was reported missing; which was a number of months later. The stench would’ve been horrendous.
    In conclusion… I don’t believe the house was searched in the first place. That or some slug of a cop didn’t want to do the paperwork.

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