CRAZY CRASH: Video Of 61 Vehicle Minnesota Pileup


A Minnesota man took some intense video of a 61 vehicle chain reaction crash Monday.

According to the accident happened on Minnesota 55 near the Mendota Bridge while snow was falling Monday afternoon. Several vehicles in the video are shown sliding across the road and colliding with others.

Watch the video below. WARNING — there is some graphic language in the video.

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  • Mike Cee

    Put the camera down and help people.

    And get yourself in shape. After a few feet of jogging you’re huffing and wheezing like you’re about ready to keel over.

    • Shannon

      I would love to know what he could have done to stop the cars from piling up. I am pretty sure standing out in the middle of the bridge would not have been his wisest choice and if you actually watch the video you will notice that he does give ice to someone for their eye and other than that not a lot he could do.
      As far as the huffing and wheezing he was jogging in the cold air for a distance. I am sure anyone would have been huffing and wheezing. Way to be judgmental on someone you don’t know.

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