ENERGY COSTS: Alliant Plans Rate Freeze, Credit Program

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While MidAmerican Energy is trying to raise rates for its customers, Alliant Energy is working to freeze or even lower some rates.

Alliant announced on Wednesday a plan to at least freeze rates for customers until 2016.

At the same time the utility will introduce a credit program that could cut $35-million from customers’ bills.

“The base rate freeze and bill credits will continue to support the competitiveness of our Iowa customers and communities,” company president, Tom Aller said.

Alliant says the savings come from finding a new, cheaper plant to supply energy.

MidAmerican Energy had a plan to increase rates by $135 million over three years approved by the Iowa Utilities Board last month.


  • Fred Ver Schuure

    I have electric utilities from BOTH of these company’s and Allient is WAAAAY more expensive that Mid American. My last bill was over 10 cents per killowatt hour for Allient and just over 4 cents for Mid American energy. This includes all taxes and JUST Electric, for both Properties

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