HOUSE GOP: Huckabee Given ‘Warm Welcome’

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Mike Huckabee (WHO-HD)

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Mike Huckabee quietly met with dozens of House Republican lawmakers here in the nation’s capital on Wednesday, as the former Arkansas governor and 2008 Republican presidential candidate mulls another bid for the White House.

According to two sources close to Huckabee, the former governor received a “warm welcome” from “an enthusiastic crowd,” which consisted of 73 GOP House members.

The sources say that the 2016 presidential race and the possibility of another Huckabee candidacy were the topics of conversation during the meeting, and that the larger than expected crowd encouraged Huckabee.

While in Washington Tuesday and Wednesday, Huckabee, the sources say, is also attending other meetings, including one at the Republican National Committee. He is also doing some fundraising for HuckPAC, the political action committee he founded back in 2008 to promote conservative causes.

The sources said that regarding another White House bid, “all options are on the table” and that Huckabee’s “taking the steps necessary should he decide to run.”

Huckabee, who’s also a pastor, won the January 2008 Iowa Republican caucuses, which kick off the presidential caucus and primary calendar, propelling his once long-shot campaign. He ran a strong second in many of the following primaries and caucuses to eventual GOP nominee Sen. John McCain, thanks in part to his strong support among social conservatives, who are an important part of the Republican Party’s base.

Late last year Huckabee started talking like someone who was interested in running for president again. It was a very different language than what was heard from Huckabee prior to the 2012 election cycle, which the Fox News Channel weekend host sat out.

Huckabee held meetings in Iowa and South Carolina, which holds the first southern primary, talking not only to social conservatives but also to business leaders, many of whom were suspicious of his economic populism during his 2008 run.

In an interview with the Washington Post late last year, Huckabee said he was receiving encouragement to launch another campaign “from places where I never got it before,” including “business, people some would maybe call the establishment.”

At the end of last year, Huckabee told Fox News that there was about a 50-50 chance he’d run for president again in 2016, and said he’d make a final decision after November’s midterm elections.

Next month, Huckabee speaks at a Faith and Freedom Coalition event in Des Moines, Iowa and at a “Freedom Summit” in New Hampshire, which holds the first in the nation primary.

CNN’s most recent national polling in the race for the 2016 GOP nomination, conducted earlier this month, placed Huckabee in fourth place among potential GOP White House hopefuls, at 10%.

And 65% of Iowa Republicans questioned recently in a Des Moines Register poll said they thought it would be a good idea if the former Arkansas governor ran for president again.



  • William Denison

    You think our govenors son is a loser? Hucks son beat a lost dog to death with another boy while at camp. They then tied the dogs body to a pole and threw rocks at it. The cops were called and Huck tried to cover it up just like Branstad did.

    • William Denison

      I refeffed these guys to boys when they killed the dog. They were men. 17 and 18 years of age. Heres part of the story.[David Huckabee,] the younger son of Gov. Mike Huckabee and another teen were fired last month from jobs at a Boy Scout camp after the killing of a stray dog.
      You know what they say about people who abuse animals. They become killers.

  • Jim

    having watched this process for more years than I care to think about, I really think it comes down to this – a combination of reality TV and professional wrestling

    within the parties, a reality TV show, and a rigged one at that – a handful of contestants, each with something to offer what part of the populace wants to hear – and at the close, whoever the decision makers in the party wanted in the first place ends up getting the nomination – McCain was the poster boy of that process

    then, for the general election, it’s professional wrestling, donkey brand vs elephant brand – cout chocula vs frankenberry had more difference

    and when it’s over, the candidate who ‘won’ ends up doing the bidding of the people who own the process, and the last president – no matter whether ‘parties’ switched or not – the agenda set by the owners happens no matter what

    Huckabee created a nice franchise from his time in this process, now earning a nice living being one of the yackety yack talking heads blowing some of the snow that helps obscure the process, and the reality of what is happening

    might sound cynical, but it’s reality

  • John

    when can we give up the first in the nation thing I do not want to see these guys or the Clinton Army of darkness invade our state for as long as possible.

  • Darryl

    Jesus Christ NEVER become a politician. He is a TRUE son of GOD period. Jesus Christ has no money all of his whole life, I think . Jesus Christ preached all the world about God’s word, not a politics , nor money. No Republicans, nor Democrats, nor another parties are not telling the truth expect Jesus Christ is one tells the truth period. Mike Huckabee is not a angel. He has a sin just like us on the world. Jesus Christ told rich man to sell them and give it the poor. Republicans in Congress favor rich over the poor. Jesus Christ rode on its donkey, not a elephant. We all are not perfect !!!!!! God does not speak or tell Mike Huckabee to run a white house 2016 or the future. Mike Huckabee made his own mind, not a GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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