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SENATE ENDORSEMENT: Sarah Palin Backs Joni Ernst

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A Joni Ernst campaign ad has been gaining national attention, from politicians to comedians.

Now it has helped land her a major endorsement.

In the ad, Ernst starts off by saying, “I’m Joni Ernst. I grew up castrating pigs on an Iowa farm.” It’s caught the attention of a self-titled Mama Grizzly.

Former governor of Alaska and vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin has put her name behinds Ernst’s campaign.

Ernst has already received the endorsement of former presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Five republican candidates are running for the nomination for Senate. Rep. Bruce Braley is running unopposed for the democratic nomination.


  • GOP lady

    Is being endorsed by Palin an honor? I think not. I’d rather pass on being seen associated with that name.Trash TV sellout .

  • enmukee

    All this attention and Mitt is thinking “Damn it, that is what I did wrong. I should have honed my genital mutilation skills”.

  • Exodus E Exodus

    Joni no doubt knows that Big Mama Grizzly carries the most CLOUT with Conservative/Tea Partier Grassroots Americans, and should get a huge boost from this Palin endorsement.

    Remember this from 2010?

    “Palin’s ability to propel tea party-aligned candidates into office was a well-documented phenomenon in 2010, when she endorsed over 60 Senate, House and gubernatorial candidates, the majority of whom won. Her midterm travels even inspired The Washington Post to launch a “Palin Endorsements Tracker,” complete with clickable audio of a growling grizzly bear, an homage to her self-styled “Mama Grizzly” image.” ~ Peter Hamby, CNN journalist

    #TeaParty Will @washingtonpost run an interactive Palin endorsement Tracker in 2014, like this 1 they ran in 2010?~>

  • William Denison

    Palin is nothing more than a monday morning hasbeen quarterback on a on corrupt news channel “FOX NEWS” being feed what to say to her cult followers. Shes the poster child for the great American sell out.

  • Dan

    Of course she would endorse her. Two women who give women a bad name. This is not an honor to be endorsed by her.

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