BEST BURGER: Statewide Finalists Named

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The Iowa Beef Council wants to know where Iowa’s best burger can be found.

Three metro restaurants are in the running out of 10 finalists. They include the Ankeny Diner, Big City Burgers and Greens, and Zombie Burger.

The council will select an anonymous panel of judges who will choose a winner.

The best burger will be selected based on taste and appearance and the winner will be announced in May.

Last year’s winner was the Angus Black Crown Burger found at 61 Chop House Grille in Mediapolis.


  • John

    This is a feel good story to fill the last 30 seconds of a broadcast and you have the time to insert a political note to it. Pick up a hobby or somthing william.

    • William Denison

      FYI Iowa will opening horse slaughter houses soon if not already.Backed by the GOP. School yourself John. I post to desensitize anyone who will read my post in order to make change.Its my right and yours and should never be considered something as light hearted as a hobby. I don’t walk around with blinders on.

      • John

        Thanks for looking out for me. I just think you need to chill. your going to stroke out before you turn 30 if your that serious about a story about a burger. Trolllllllllllll.

      • William Denison

        Dude I’m way past 30. When I was 30 our nations gov worked for the most part.The republincans had just started their war on the working class of this state and nation and no one was paying attention.It took some time but we are all now paying the price. Thats why we need to vote them all out. If you only knew of the days of freedom we had here once in this country. Thanks to the GOP its all but gone.

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