STORM DAMAGE: ‘Funnel Cloud’ Hits Near Osceola

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The damage is contained to just a few properties, but homeowners south of Osceola say it was a funnel cloud that caused it.

It took only a couple of seconds.

"We were inside, in fact I was staring out the window; ain't that smart?" Mark Heilman joked.

This tiny spot south of Osceola got a sloppy kiss from Mother Nature.

"Took the north side of the barn, hit the neighbors over here and the neighbors over here so you can kind of see what path it took," Heilman added.

The funnel cloud had made its way up the fields from the southwest, from Mona Jackson's place.

“Some stuff is sitting where it was and some stuff is completely gone," Jackson said.

Friends and family were still battling heavy winds as they scrambled to replace the roof but that wasn't the worst part.

"We were using the semi-trailer as sort of a shop and a makeshift barn until we got our building put up," Jackson adds.

The contents were everywhere, while the trailer itself fell onto the electrical box, killing power.

The Jacksons will board their dog for the night and head for a hotel.

While the Heilman's look forward to a long weekend of cleanup, "We're lucky, no one's hurt. That's the main thing."


  • Robert

    I seen this first hand. I watched as the roof got blown off the barn. It went up in the air and just stayed there and spun in circles. I also seen flashes as it took out the power. I was pulled off to the side of the road and turned back toward Osceola as I didn’t want to get hit with debris. It was pulling dirt and other debris into it. Glad everyone is ok.

  • Lisa

    A funnel cloud can’t “hit”. If it touches down, it’s not a funnel cloud anymore, it’s a tornado.

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