‘DISTURBING’ CASE: Home Of Boys Rescued From Ice Burgled

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A Fort Dodge family that went to New York to share their story of survival on the Today Show returned to find their home had been burglarized.

Two Fort Dodge brothers, Corbin and Dylan Crawford, their mom and a local fire fighter were on the Today Show Monday. They shared their story of a rescue last week on the Des Moines River.

The boys went out on the ice to retrieve a shoe when the ice broke away and they began floating down the river. Firefighters rescued the boys. No one was hurt.

When the family got back home they found their home destroyed. Police believe the suspects struck sometime on Wednesday.

“Anytime a house gets broken into you expect TVs, video games and things like that, but the personal items that means so much to those boys,” Alan Angstrom, the firefighter that helped save the boys, said.

In a press release the Fort Dodge Police Department called the act “disturbingly disappointing if not disgusting.”

While the police investigate, community members have set up drop off locations for donations for the family.

Items are being donated to Neighborhood Realty on 709 1st Ave. N in Fort Dodge.

Jeans, shirts, socks and underwear are being accepted in 8-10 boys sizes along with age appropriate movies, games and toys which were all stolen.

For more information on how you can help out the Crawford family contact jennifer.marsh@fortdodgepress.com .

If you have any information about the crime you're urged to contact the Fort Dodge police.



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