ISU ROMANCE: Rhoads, Hoiberg Kids Going To Prom

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It could be the start of a Cyclone fairy tale. Boy asks girl to prom using a sweet(if off-key) YouTube video. Girl says yes over Twitter.

The boy: Wyatt Rhoads, son of Iowa State head football coach Paul Rhoads

The girl: Paige Hoiberg, daughter of Iowa State men's basketball coach Fred Hoiberg

Is it meant to be? Both attend Gilbert High School.

Wyatt switched up the Plain White T's "Hey There Delilah" to pop the big question.

Watch Fred Hoiberg's reaction

Will Paige's dress be cardinal and gold?


  • Just a mom

    This has got to be the dumbest “news” story ever. Two “cool” kids because if their dads . Get over yourselves. Please take this off your headlines and give us a story about some other great kid who goes to Gilbert.

    • cyclones

      You are the one who needs to get over yourself. You clicked on the story. What is wrong with you. Some people are just ride and full of them self

  • just a cylone

    Too scared to perform it live for her? It is a waste of your station’s money reporting this.

  • # 1 Iowa State fan!!!

    Would you get off their backs! Just because their dad’s are both coaches at ISU doesn’t mean that you have to be mean…… They are regular people just like every single person on earth. I think that this was very cute!!!! I think this was a nice way of asking a girl to prom!!!
    It doesn’t matter whether the guy can sing or not!!!

  • cyclones

    What’s with all the rude comments? Must be a bunch of loser guys who lost their girlfriends to jocks in high school. Seriously you have problems if you are hating on a couple high school kids and there are plenty of people who enjoy this story. You clicked on it to read it do if you are not amused you have no one to blame except yourself. Get over yourselves.

  • Dawn W.

    I loved it. Those who didn’t shouldn’t have bothered to watch since they could tell what it was about before they clicked the play button. Good for those kids!

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