DIFFERENT VERSION: Man Shot By Police Speaks Out

A Des Moines man shot by police last week is refusing to talk with investigators. But he is talking to Channel 13.

“I hear another boom. And my rear view window shatters. And I hear another boom and I’m hit. That’s when I’m like, ‘somebody’s shooting at me,'” says 30-year old Shawntae Young, recalling the night he was shot in the back by police.

“After I’m hit I’m like ‘oh my god’ and I slam on the accelerator and I’m trying to make it to the end of the block and I’m hearing shots and another shot comes and I’m hit in the arm. And this is when I’m taking a right so I’m almost spinning out.”

Young says he was driving along 15th Street on March 20th after dropping his children off at his fathers when he saw a car blocking the road. He says he went around the car, not realizing it was a police car and officers opened fire.

Police say they believed Young was trying to run down officers investigating a different shooting and that’s why they shot him.

Officers say they have video proof that Young is lying, but they will not let us see the video.

“You see him come to a stop, officers approach the car, they flash lights at him, because he’s kinda coming at a high rate of speed. They approach the car. There’s some, I’m told some dialogue,” says Sergeant Jason Halifax. “(The SUV) goes into gear forward. that’s when our officers fired shots at it. Then it goes southbound and around the sideways parked squad car.”

Police say Young is refusing to cooperate with their investigation. His lawyer says they had scheduled a meeting with police for Friday, but they are canceling the meeting because of comments police are making to the press.

So far Young has not been charged with a crime.


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