ELECTRICAL FIRES: Flames Spark Theory As To Why

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It's been a busy week for firefighters. In Des Moines crews have battled six fires since Tuesday and more than half of those have been electrical fires. Fire investigators are looking into the exact cause of the fires but they are having a difficult time doing so.

Brian O’Keefe with the Des Moines fire department says the string of fires has him stumped.

“I’ve been to electrical fires and you go to those circuit breakers and it looks like it’s exploded and we’re not seeing any of that.”

Investigators don't know why or how the fires started but they are falling back on a common factor to help solve the cases.

“We`ve had three early morning fires which would allow for the coolest time and the lowest demand which could support one theory.”

A theory based on the difference of energy homeowners used during the winter compared to the amount of energy they are using as the weather warms up.

“It’s actually contracting, the demand has been reduced so the flow is reduced and there`s less resistance and the wiring contracts and it creates a gap.”

O' Keefe says that gap could cause the wires to spark and cause a fire. Investigators will also compare when the house was built and if the homeowners have experienced electrical problems before but it could be several more days before authorities could come to a conclusion.

Mid-American reached out to the Des Moines Fire Department and agreed to meet with them.

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  • William Denison

    Maybe its cuz are grid is junk and hugh power surges can by pass breakers and smash into your home?

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