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DECORAH EAGLES: First Egg Hatch Is Near

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All eyes will be on the Decorah Eagles’ nest this week as anticipation builds over the first hatch of 2014.

The first egg was laid on February 23rd and the Raptor Resource Project, which operates the web camera trained on the nest, says that means it could hatch between April 1st and April 3rd.

Eagle eggs take from 35 to 39 days to hatch and the RRP says an extremely cold spring may have affected when the eggs hatch.

Once a pip hole has been created by the hatching eaglet it can take from 12 to 24 hours before the eaglet comes out of the shell.

The other two eggs were laid on February 26th and March 2nd.

You can watch the LIVE eagle nest cam here.


  • Grace

    Is the Ustream.tv/decoraheagles web site down? Haven’t been able to see the eagles since this morning! Please let us know!!

  • Kathy

    Regarding hatching dates, the eggs will not hatch with the same time intervals as the laying dates. This is one of the fascinating things about these eagles; they monitor the temperatures of the eggs and delay hatching on the first one and the second one so that they hatch within a few days of each other. It seems quite sophisticated and complex but they can do it. It is not by chance or carelessness that they stay off the eggs sometimes. It’s all in the plan. Genius!

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