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FIRE AFTERMATH: Younkers Building Is Rubble

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Downtown Des Moines is missing a cherished landmark after one of the city's biggest fires in years.

The old Younkers building at 7th and Walnut caught fire around 1:00 Saturday morning. Fire crews couldn't save the building as the fire grew so intense it damaged several surrounding buildings.

Fire crews are still at site, ready to deal with any hot spots that might pop up but have stopped spraying the rubble with water.

Investigators are hoping to find the cause of the fire but first it must be determined whether the site is safe. Sunday, Iowa Task Force One arrived on scene to evaluate the situation and deem whether it is structurally sound.

The building is a shell after several of the walls caved in after fire destroyed their support structure.

Fire officials are asking people to stay away from the area cork continues at the site. With high winds expected Sunday, falling debris is a big concern.

Also, if you work in the downtown area both Sunday and Monday, officials are recommending you call your employer to see the best route to get into work.

As of now 7th Street from Grand to Mulberry, and Walnut from 6th to 9th are closed.