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CHAOTIC COMMUTE: Workers Affected By Fire

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For the thousands that work in downtown Saturday morning's fire and Sunday’s cleanup will likely cause Monday mornings' stress.

“I pity people who have to try and come in and find parking,” says downtown employee, Carlos Cluff.

The Des Moines Partnership parking garage is in the midst in the downtown street closures. The 600 people who normally park there will have to park someplace else says city traffic engineer, Jennifer Bohac.

“We’re looking to relocated about a third of them to our 9th and Locust ramp and about two - thirds to our 8th and Mulberry ramp.”

Bohac says there is enough room for the extra cars but those ramps will be filled to their capacity.

“It’s going to be challenging so people will have to be patient.”

Gunner Olson says patience will be required for those waiting on a ride.

“Nothing’s going to be the same or quite running normally on Monday morning.”

The DART bus system will detour several of its downtown routes, relocating more than half a dozen bus stops.

Whatever mode of transportation you take to get to your office, leave early it could take a while.

“People are just going to use high and mulberry and those roads just aren’t as big so i guess just being patient, recognize there’s going to be backups there’s going to be delays,” says Bohac.

The only people who won’t have to face the rush hour traffic Monday morning, are the more than 1,000 EMC insurance and Downtown Partnership employees who’s offices are closed due to cleanup. They will return to work on Tuesday.

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