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AGRIBUSINESS: Country Reducing Corn Acres, Iowa Increasing

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Across the country farmers are planning on less corn and more soybeans this year, with four percent fewer corn acres and six percent more soybean acres year over year.

Here in Iowa, that's not the case. Monday's prospective plantings report revealed that farmers in this state plan on increasing corn and soybeans acres by an equal amount, three percent over last year on each crop.

That three percent increase means corn plantings in Iowa are up by 400,000 acres at 14 million acres; soybean acres are up by 300,000 at 9.6 million acres.

Throughout the U.S., soybean planted acres are either up or unchanged in every state except Missouri and Oklahoma. And even though the national corn planted area at 91.7 million acres is the lowest since 2010, it is still the fifth-highest since 1944.