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COURTHOUSE SAFETY: Firearms Ban Approved

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As of Tuesday morning, firearms are banned in the Madison County courthouse.

The move follows an incident last week where a convicted drug dealer pulled a gun in court and threatened the lives of people in a courtroom. Last week, 29-year-old Cory Daughtery pulled out a gun during his sentencing hearing and ran from the courthouse.

He was later arrested without incident not far away.

Authorities later found two loaded guns they believe Daugherty had stashed in a dumpster.

Tuesday morning, county supervisors passed a new security plan that includes the ban on guns. The board chair says moving forward other recommendations like having a deputy inside the courtroom still have to be discussed.

The Madison County sheriff says it’s necessary to take measures to protect people at the courthouse.

“I think it’s a step in the right direction. The society that we live in today is not what it used to be and it’s time to take necessary precautions to protect the public and the workers here in the courthouse so that work can go on without everyone sitting here and wondering what’s going to happen next,” says Sheriff Craig Bush.

Sheriff Busch says he’d like to meet with the county attorney to look into possible privatization of security in the courthouse, and whether or not those individuals would be able to make arrests and be armed.