IOWA SPEEDWAY: Branstad To Sign Tax Deal

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NASCAR will get a tax break to keep the Iowa Speedway in Newton moving forward.

Gov. Terry Branstad’s office announced Monday he will sign a bill giving NASCAR the same tax deal that previous owners had. The deal had originally applied only if Iowans retained partial ownership of the track.

Gov. Branstad will sign the bill Wednesday.

NASCAR bought the track last fall.


  • William Denison

    Whats that sound I’m hearing? Oh its just Iowans be forced to pay corporate welfare. This is just another sign of the decline of the western civilization. Instead of building schools or hospitals we are taxed for this.

  • Troy V

    I find it deplorable that this tax bill got fast-tracked to benefit a HUGE Corporation that makes hundreds of millions of $$$’s in PROFIT each and every year, yet another track (Knoxville Raceway) that brings in the same amount of people to our state, gets the same amount of economic impact (or more) is still sitting in waiting for a tax break MUCH LESS than what the Iowa Speedway is getting.
    I guess because it’s on a County Fairgrounds and uses it’s profits to better the lives of those in our state (donates $$$ to local causes, donated to the STATE FAIR when it had economic issues, and invests all of it’s profits back into it’s facility and grounds isn’t what our state government is looking for, they want to give the tax breaks to people that pay huge salaries out to people living in other states instead…).

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