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JUST KIDDING: KISS Burger An April Fools’ Joke

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April Fools’! They got us. A blog posted by local restauranteur George Formaro Monday outlined an exciting new project, KISS Burger, to be built in Des Moines.

The burger joint was to have been opened in partnership with KISS frontman Gene Simmons. But it was all an elaborate joke.

The post offered a sneak peek into the menu and a Photoshopped picture of Formaro with Simmons.

A spokesperson for Formaro admitted Tuesday the restaurant isn’t real and it’s just an April Fools’ joke.


  • travis b (@thrillcat)

    Too bad, a nice understated KISS-themed burger joint would offset the monstrosity of that trendy Zombie Burger place nicely. Place has good burgers, but the zombie thing has been overplayed for years.

    I was a little suspicious when I first saw this last night, since Gene & Paul already own the “Rock & Brews” burger joint chain, but I’ve also never known Gene to turn down a dollar.

    Too bad. I would’ve gone there.

    • William Deniosn

      Does any news agency ever give correct information on every story all the time? Only FOX News does…….LOL I make joke lol

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