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A local teacher is on a mission to share the benefits of yoga with youngsters.

Valerie Jansonius first started combining her love of kids and yoga in her second grade classroom. Now she`s offering kids yoga after school for anyone who is interested.

Sun salutations are set to a story, and breathing - a key part of yoga - becomes a game.

“You have to have your breath in control. If your feather flies off your mat you have to go back to the start,” Jansonius says.

The kids are having a good time, but they also know this is good for them.

“It`s great. I think everybody should do it because it helps your body,” student, Max says.

There`s a free dance portion to get the blood pumping and burn off some energy before the kids practice their flow again.

They can reap the same rewards adults do, one pose at a time.

“I think it also instills confidence - I`m strong, I’m brave, I’m peaceful, I’m a warrior - building that confidence is really neat,” Jansonius adds.

There are more classes for first through 6th graders in June. The dates are the 16th-18th and the 23rd-25th. Email or call Waukee’s community education office for more information.


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