LIVEWELL MINUTE: Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy

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Iowa Methodist Medical Center and the John Stoddard Cancer Center are the first in the area to acquire a new Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy, allowing physicians to detect lung cancer earlier than before. Despite the medical advances of detection, diagnosis and treatment methods throughout the past 50 years, lung cancer is the number one leading cause of cancer deaths in Iowa, for both men and women.

Dr. Ryan Brimeyer - Pulmonologist, The Iowa Clinic says, "The most effective way of stopping cancer comes at diagnosis and treatment in the early stages. The equipment enables physicians to locate, test and plan treatment for lung nodules and lymph nodes that are too small and inaccessible with traditional bronchoscopy."

Traditional bronchoscopy cannot always reach the distant regions of the lung. Often, more invasive surgical procedures are needed to make a diagnosis. This can increase the risk of complications for patients.

Dr. Brimeyer says, "Using a virtual, 3D bronchial map from a recent CT chest scan and specialized catheters, physicians are able to navigate to a desired location within the lung to biopsy lesions, stage lymph nodes, insert markers to guide radiotherapy or guide radiation catheters. This technology significantly improves the rate of cancer detection."