SAFE STOLEN: Funds For Girl’s Leukemia Treatment Targeted

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Thieves in northern Iowa stole more than just a safe during a weekend burglary, they may have stolen a young girl’s chance to survive.

The incident happened in the town of Lime Springs.

Russell Thies arrived at work on Monday to find his office ransacked and his safe missing.

Inside the safe was all the money from a fundraiser for his young daughter, Madison, who is fighting leukemia.

Thies believes the thieves knew exactly what they were stealing.

“They tried to make it look like they didn’t know where it was,” Thies told sister station KTTC.

“They opened several desk drawers that would have made it difficult to carry a safe out if you had done that first. So, I really think that somebody had inside information on this or had been in here before and discovered it and then came back for it.”

The money in the safe was going to be used to cover transportation costs for taking Madison to her treatments.