BIG BREAK: Pool Tournament Growing In Des Moines

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With state wrestling and basketball in the books, downtown Des Moines rolls out the welcome mat for a different sort of competition.

It's the biggest tournament of its kind in the country and it brings a whole new set of characters into town.

Des Moines snatched the Iowa State Poolplayers Association Tournament away from Davenport last year and it`s grown exponentially.

“Both years have increased and I mean it`s just a better area and it`s more centralized for everybody in the state to drive to,” Fort Dodge player Jessica Frieders said.

Players like how Des Moines can put all the action under one roof, and Des Moines will like this - the ISPA Tournament should bring in about $1.7 million over four days and it`s booked through 2017.

The ISPA tournament runs through Sunday. Over $120,000 in prize money will be handed out.