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NEW ADDITION: Story County Sheriffs Get Armored Vehicle

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A piece of the war in Afghanistan is coming to Story County.

mrap ames

The Story County Sheriff’s Office will recieve a mine resistant ambush protected vehicle or MRAP similar to the one pictured.

The 50,000-pound armored vehicle was used in Afghanistan and given to the department for free.

It originally cost over $730,000 when it was built in 2012.


  • Gary Stanford

    It just the thing That the Sheirfs office needs for dodging mines.But I think they forgot the load limits on secondary roads.If you see it out call DOT vechicle enforcement.

  • J (@ootfwsb)

    I’ve used this very same model vehicle in the Army. There is absolutely no reason for the militarization of the police. Welcome to the police state. This is VERY WRONG !

    • joe

      Agreed! This is happening all over the U.S. !! What is our government planning? I hope everyone is ready for something…

  • guest

    Are they expecting a lot of IED’s on the mean streets of Ames? Or do they just want to watch VEISHEA rioters get hernias trying to flip a 25 ton police car?

  • Luke Jensen

    Active shooters with rifles can put rounds right through a patrol car. Hopefully they don’t need it but if the situation arises the emergency response team will have protection responding.

  • Adam

    Didn’t someone make the claim that “Weapons of war have no place on our streets….” I guess it only applies to us lowly civilians, unworthy of our rights.

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