ROBBERY CASE: Man With Knife Robs Woman

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Des Moines police are looking for a suspect who allegedly robbed a woman at knife-point.

A 24-year-old woman told officers she was walking down University Wednesday around noon, when a man stopped her in the 1700 block, showed a knife, and demanded cash.

She told him she didn’t have any money, just an ATM card.

Police say the suspect then ordered her to walk with him to a gas station up the road and withdraw money, and threatened to stab her if she didn’t cooperate.

The victim told police the suspect waited outside while she put the money on a “Green Dot” card, once he had it he took off, and she walked back home and called police.

No arrests have been reported.


  • OHMY

    Interesting that she was able to go inside the gas station without a knife at her back, purchase the green dot card but never said anything to the person working at the gas station. Somethings rotten with this “tale.”

  • Sally

    I don’t know what a ‘green dot’ card is, but, maybe some sort of generic gift card?
    why wouldn’t you go right back into the store and call the police rather than walking home to do it?? gives the assailant longer to get away?
    I have never been robbed, maybe you don’t think real straight after ward.

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