STOLEN IPAD: Suspect Photo Released

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A Grimes woman says someone stole her iPad that contained important medical information.

Karrie Anderson says she accidentally left it at the Grimes Walmart on Saturday. Surveillance video shows a woman walking away with it.

Anderson says she uses the iPad to manage her multiple sclerosis.

If you can identify the woman you’re asked to contact Polk County Crime Stoppers at 223-1400.


  • Just sayin'

    Ok, while I feel sorry for this woman, I must say, information THAT important should be backed up into the cloud on ITunes. It’s free. You just have to do it.
    If she just ‘forgot’ her iPad at Wal-mart, she is not very careful with it. My 12 year old is more careful with his ipod than that.
    Also, I realize that whoever picked it up shouldn’t have, saying they ‘stole’ it gives the impression they went out of their way to get it from the owner though. Maybe the woman who picked it up was going to take it to the Apple store to see if they could determine who it belonged to so she could return it. Maybe she was going to turn it in to the police department, feeling that was safer than turning it in to the Wal-Mart customer service desk. She’s probably a little anxious now that her face has been plastered all over the news and she has been labeled a criminal.

      • Just sayin'

        Sue, do you always assume the worst of everyone?? If you do, then you would also probably not trust the people working behind the counter at walmart to try to get the ipad back to where it belongs. What would stop one of them from just sticking it into their purse/bag and walking out with it? Maybe that is why the woman that picked it up left the store with it. She felt the police were more likely to get it back to it’s rightful owner than the 18 year old kid working the customer service desk.

        Or, we could go your route and assume that all people are worthless thieves.

    • Ryan Elson

      Just because you didnt go out of your way to steal something doesn’t make it any less wrong. Stealing is taking something that isn’t yours. This was theft even if it was a crime of convenience. It is no different then if you forgot to lock your car door and some one stole something out of it then justified it by saying its your fault for not locking your car door. You my friend have questionable morals at best.

  • Just sayin'

    umm….what’s ignorant about saying that Miss Anderson should have backed up her important medical data? She would be in the exact same boat had her iPad failed. Or, if she forgot the password. Apple can’t recover a lost password..all they can do is wipe the device clean.

    And, what is ignorant about turning in a found item to the police?

      • Just sayin'

        Do you truly think it was a good idea for Miss Anderson to store her vital medical information on an electronic device with no backup?

        Do you truly think that the woman who picked up the device has to be evil? Do you not believe, at all, that maybe she IS an honest person and wanted to do the right thing by getting the ipad back to Miss Anderson?

        You keep expressing all of this shock, but, you aren’t really stating where you stand. Do you think all people in this world are bad and that OBVIOUSLY the woman who picked up the ipad stole it? Maybe she DID turn it in to the customer service desk and whoever she turned it in to kept it? If so, that person is home free because this woman’s photo has been plastered all over for the public to see along with a pretty black and white accusation that she is a thief. You apparently believe she is. After all, this is the United States of America…Guilty until proven innocent, right?

        And no, I am not the woman in the photo.

  • Brandon Carlson

    This article cracks me up. I agree with Just Sayin’ on this one. Sucks that it happened, but the article portrays this woman to be more of a thug. A couple of points come to mind for me:

    1) Miss Anderson “lost” her iPad. If you’ve ever picked up money (regardless of amount) off of the ground and not turned it in to the authorities, you are a thief using this mentality. The only difference here is the perceived value of the item that the owner lost.

    2) The Multiple Sclerosis angle adds nothing to the story other than to sensationalize it and make the supposed thief look worse. Honestly, if Miss Anderson used it to balance her checkbook, it wouldn’t even be printed in the article (in fact, the article may not have even appeared)

    3) Innocent till proven guilty. No one but the “thief” knows what she has done to attempt to return the device. I could say the same about Miss Anderson’s statements, but I’m not a conspiracy theorist.

    All in all, I think that the person shown in the picture didn’t have any intention of returning it, but I do think that the reporting could have taken a more positive approach to identifying the person and retrieving Miss Anderson’s iPad.

  • DUH

    One minor detail – this happened on Saturday. If she was “returning” the item I believe we would have known by now. I don’t always assume the worst of people, but you definitely are going out of your way to prove that person’s innocence.

  • DUH

    bcarlso says: your article definitely clarifies things. I don’t think there is any doubt now of her intentions.

  • Just sayin'

    Well, I still think it was very poor planning on Miss Anderson’s part not to have her ipad backed up. She talks about this being such important info, but, she doesn’t back it up, nor does she act responsibly with the iPad. Why wasn’t it in her purse or bag rather than laying on the checkout counter?
    She remembered her $2 loaf of bread, but, forgot her ipad.

    Maybe the woman in the photo is really a heartless thief. Or, maybe she turned it in to the customer service desk and it disappeared from there.

    And no, I don’t know either of these women or have any other connection to either of them.

    • Just Curious

      Just curious, but do you ever pass on the chance to be a jerk?

      by you’re name, I’m guessing not

      • Just Sayin'

        How am I being a jerk by saying that Miss Anderson should have been more responsible with something that was that important. She says the ipad isn’t worth anything to her, just the information on it. Well, if she had set it up to do the FREE backups, she would have that valuable information.

        Or, if she would have been a little more responsible in her handling of this valuable information, she would still have it. It’s not like someone mugged her and stole her purse which just happened to have her ipad in it. She left it laying on the counter at walmart. Does that mean she deserves to lose it? No, of course not, but, I don’t think it makes me a jerk to point out that she didn’t handle her valuable information very well.
        For heaven’s sake, I back up our family pictures more carefully than that.

        Or, am I a jerk because I didn’t immediately condemn the woman that picked up the ipad in walmart? Yes, now that the ipad has been gone for almost a week, it’s obvious that it was stolen, by someone. I agree with JohnJohn, it’s been wiped and reloaded to factory standards. But, you still don’t know that the woman in the photo did it. She may have turned it in to customer service and it was stolen from there. It happens.

  • William Denison

    I can’t ID this woman but I can ID another theif. He looked like Droopy Dog and is full of hate and greed. He had a woman with him that looked like a big Ostrich. They were riding is a black Tahoe speeding away from the scene with a bag of tax money from hard working people.

  • Johnjohn

    Bad news… The iPad has been wiped, restore to factory settings, and has likely been put into service by the new owner, or sold on Craigslist. Save in the Cloud using google docs, that would have taken care of it.

  • Finders keepers

    Finders keepers…… It doesn’t make it right but if she didn’t take it there is a good chance someone else would. I have had my iPhone stolen I didn’t blame the person who stole it, I Blamed myself for leaving it. It sucks and I would under no circumstances take it up to the counter at Walmart. I would open it and hopefully be able to find the person myself. If I couldn’t find her I would turn it into the police dept. I’m sorry but the important medical info was only a ploy for someone to feel bad and return it.

  • ruby

    Im just wondering … does this “somone” on here know the victim or the theif. As the comments they have left are vicious

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