AGRIBUSINESS: Iowa House Passes Resolution Against California

The Iowa House of Representatives passed legislation calling on California to repeal a law mandating how producers from other states house chickens in egg production.

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey applauds House Resolution 123, he calls it a way to stand with farmers in bipartisan support against California's unconstitutional law.
The resolution requests immediate action in response to California's enacting of Assembly Bill 1437 legislation, which requires other states to comply with California standards after a successful ballot initiative in 2008 put California egg producers at a competitive disadvantage.  That initiative requires more housing space for laying hens, which could increase production costs.
Iowa is the biggest producer of eggs in the country, about nine percent of 15 billion eggs are exported to California alone.

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  • Cole Fuller

    California’s bill was enacted to try to provide just a tiny bit less cruelty to the egg laying process. It’s pathetic and and unjust that these farmers aren’t willing to slightly improve the conditions in which their animals reside. Maybe it wouldn’t be a financial burden had they cared at all about their hens’ environments in the first place.

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