CAMPAIGN MODE: GOP Hopefuls Line Up To Woo Iowans

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Presidential campaigning has become a year-round industry in Iowa.

It’s over two years from the next presidential election but Republican candidates are lining up to meet Iowa voters already.

The latest presidential rush starts Tuesday with Mike Huckabee addressing the Iowa Faith and Family Coalition in Waukee.

On Friday, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan will be the keynote speaker at the Iowa GOP’s Lincoln Dinner in Cedar Rapids.

The Republican Party of Iowa announced Monday that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and Rick Santorum will all speak at the state convention in June.


  • David Twombley

    If the GOP is going to “Woo” Iowans, the Party needs to come to terms with reality: Anti Gay, Anti women’s’ rights, just the “Good Old Boys (white, of course) philosophy of years past ‘ain’t gonna cut it’ anymore.

  • John

    I have politicians outside of Iowa coming here to seek support and iowa politicians going to Texas to seek support from laywers down there. Shoulsd it not be the other way around. Any person that asks you for a vote is looking to rob you or fool you.

  • Troy Hendrickson

    I’d be happy if the republicans in Boone County would simply obey the laws of the state of Iowa and stay off my property, apparently their to stupid to read the no trespassing signs, or just too dishonest to respect others rights.

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