CUSTODY ISSUE: Dad Tasered, Mom Takes Child

A custody dispute led to the arrest of two Missouri residents in Boone last week following a shooting incident.

Boone police were called to 321 Greene Street Friday around 3:30 p.m. On the way to the call officers were informed there had been shots fired at the location. When they arrived they found the ex-husband of a neighbor had fired the gun and he was secured by officers.

During the investigation it was determined the man had fired the shots to deflate the tires of a vehicle two people were using to leave the scene with a child. Witnesses confirmed his story and he was released.

The father of the child told police 35-year-old Kelly Cooney, the mother of his two-year-old son, and 50-year-old Kevin Carter forced their way into his home and used a stun gun on him. The father was holding the child at the time.

Cooney took the child from the father and left with Carter. The neighbor’s ex-husband witnessed this and went to his ex-wife’s residence to retrieve his gun. He then fired shots to deflate their vehicle’s tires. Police say he has a valid weapons permit.

Kris Wolf lives next door. “I was playing a game of Parcheesi with our two seven year olds and I heard ‘bam, bam, bam’ that sounded like gunshots so we came out and looked and that’s when all the police were coming,” Wolf said. “I’m scared of gun fire in my neighborhood with seven kids here.”

Cooney and Carter were able to get away and went to the Boone County Sheriff’s Office.

Boone police say according to Iowa Courts, Cooney does not have custody of the boy. There is some legal issue over custody pending in Missouri, where Cooney and Carter live.

Cooney is charged with conspiracy to commit first degree burglary, conspiracy to go armed with intent, and child endangerment.

Carter is charged with first degree burglary, going armed with intent, assault causing serious injury, and carrying a weapon.

Cooney and Carter are being held in the Boone County Jail.

The child is back in the care of the father.

The investigation into the case continues.


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