FINAL HATCH: Third Decorah Eaglet Emerges

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The final egg in the Decorah eagles’ nest for 2014 has hatched.

D20 freed itself from the egg, with a little inadvertent help from a sibling, at 10:42 a.m. Monday. The egg was laid on March 2nd and a pip was first discovered in the egg over the weekend.

The first eaglet hatched last Wednesday and the second eaglet hatched last Thursday.

The Raptor Resource Project, which operates the cameras trained on the nest, had expressed concern about whether all the eggs would hatch because of the extremely harsh winter conditions. Now their fears have been put to rest.

So far Mom and Dad eagle have brought several tasty meals in for the eaglets including fish, squirrel, and quail.

Watch the LIVE Decorah eagle cam here.


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