SCREEN TIME: Limits Beneficial To Kids

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A new study out of Iowa State University confirms something parents may already suspect. Too much screen time can have negative effects on students.

Children now average 40 hours of screen time on computers, TV, or other electronic devices a week. That’s not counting time spent on the computer at school.

Iowa State researcher Doug Gentile found limits on screen time would increase student’s health and lower obesity. That would also lead to improved grades.

The biggest factor is getting the devices away at bed time.

“There might be people posting on Facebook and your are missing it, you are missing opportunities and we don’t like to miss opportunities, we like to feel connected to people and sleep doesn’t feel nearly as interesting as a lot of that,” says Gentile.

One suggestion to help with the problem is to give kids a screen time allowance like some do with money. That way parents are not taking away the devices, but letting their kids make the choice.

Thirteen-hundred students were surveyed in this study which was published in the Journal of American Medicine Association – Pediatrics.


  • William Denison

    The only kids in the parks these days are kids without gaming consoles or PC’s. Or are to young to use them. This has now become part of our species evolution. For good or ill our bodys will change and adapt.

  • What planet do you live on

    Not sure what parks you are in. but, I think I’m glad they are not the some ones my kids are in. How do you know, by the way, whether or not the kids you see have gaming consoles or PC’s?

    We have a WII, an Xbox, a PC, a laptop, 2 iPads, 2 iPods and four smartphones in our home.

    We also have a blu ray player.

    My kids are each on multiple sports teams. They are outside every day that the weather permits. If they are not outside being physically active, they are inside doing something physical such as playing in the church gym during open gym time.

    Just like guns, the electronics aren’t the problem, the people using them are.

    I don’t know why they keep giving grant money out to study this. Of course people who sit and watch tv, read Facebook, etc, instead of being physically active are going to be less fit. It would be the same end result if they were reading comic books instead of being active.

    • William Denison

      We have a WII, an Xbox, a PC, a laptop, 2 iPads, 2 iPods and four smartphones in our home.
      I bet your kids don’t even know your names. Dinner must be a real family treat in your home.

      • What planet do you live on?

        Um, just because we OWN those items doesn’t mean that my kids are constantly using them.
        And, actually, when we ARE using the WII or the XBOX, we play as a family most of the time. I’m not very good at it, but, I enjoy it. There are no rules that say adults are not allowed to play games too.
        The ipods primarily only get used on long road trips. The PC and laptop are for our jobs. The ipads are easier ways to read email.
        My husband coaches both our of sons’ baseball teams. I am team mom for both of their soccer teams. Yes, my children know our names. Guess what else? I know my children’s friends and they also know my husband and I’s names.

        Again, the electronics are not the problem. It is how, and how much, they are used that is the problem.

        I pray that you do not have children, and never will. You are an opinionated, self centered person with little, or no, tolerance for others.

      • What planet do you live on?

        Oh, and William, my kids are not the least bit obese. They pass their annual physicals with flying colors.
        I will admit, we don’t always get to eat dinner around the table together. Yes, I do regret that some. But, the reason we don’t get to eat home cooked meals around the table together every night is because we are supporting our kids in their activities. I wouldn’t miss the chance to see them play baseball, or put on a band performance for any pot roast in the world!

  • William Denison

    Angry soccor mom, If I was you I’d take a lot of pictures now cuz in a few short years those will be the only memory you have of your kids. That and them playing videogames/ipad , You know nothing of me but I know everything about you. Put a cold rag across your head you’ll feel better…..just sayin

  • What planet do ypu live on?

    William, you do not know a thing about me. I hope my children do move on with their own lives when they are ready. I know that we have a good relationship and will remain close.
    You refer to me as angry…i have read many, many of your posts. You are a bitter, angry old man. I would guess, if you ever had a family your wife has long since left you for someone more pleasant. Children, if you have them, and i certainly hope you do not, can barely be bothered to call on fathers day.
    All of your posts are negative and cynical, other than when you were talking about vaping with Brittius, who certainly sounds like a bitter racist.
    If you were not so opinionated and mean, i could almost feel sorry for you. Now if you will excuse me, i have a game of mario kart to play with my family

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