SCREEN TIME: Limits Beneficial To Kids


A new study out of Iowa State University confirms something parents may already suspect. Too much screen time can have negative effects on students.

Children now average 40 hours of screen time on computers, TV, or other electronic devices a week. That’s not counting time spent on the computer at school.

Iowa State researcher Doug Gentile found limits on screen time would increase student’s health and lower obesity. That would also lead to improved grades.

The biggest factor is getting the devices away at bed time.

“There might be people posting on Facebook and your are missing it, you are missing opportunities and we don’t like to miss opportunities, we like to feel connected to people and sleep doesn’t feel nearly as interesting as a lot of that,” says Gentile.

One suggestion to help with the problem is to give kids a screen time allowance like some do with money. That way parents are not taking away the devices, but letting their kids make the choice.

Thirteen-hundred students were surveyed in this study which was published in the Journal of American Medicine Association – Pediatrics.


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