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HUSH MONEY: New Emails Contradict Denials

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Iowa Senate Democrats are demanding Governor Terry Branstad fire Department of Administrative Services Director Mike Carroll following the release of emails between Carroll’s legal counsel and a dismissed worker.

UPDATE – Governor Branstad fires DAS Director Mike Carroll

Carol Frank’s attorney released the emails to Channel 13. They detail back and forth email conversations between Ryan Lamb, who had served as D.A.S.’ legal counsel at the time, and Frank’s attorneys, Charles Gribble and Luke DeSmet. The sides appear to negotiate an additional $6,500 payment to Frank in exchange for her signing a confidential settlement with the state.

Read the emails

D.A.S. Director Carroll testified Thursday at a legislative oversight hearing that dismissed workers were not offered additional money as part of the confidential agreements. Carroll said, “For the agreements that I signed and for the agreements that our department was involved in, there would not have been hush money offered.”

Carroll’s signature appears at the bottom of Frank’s final settlement.

State Senator Janet Petersen, a Des Moines Democrat, said in a statement, “The people of Iowa deserve the whole truth from the Governor about what’s been happening in state government under his leadership.  The next step to ensuring that Iowa taxpayers get the whole story is for Governor Branstad to immediately fire Mike Carroll and replace him with someone who will tell the truth and get the bottom of this mess.”

Neither Carroll or Governor Branstad’s office immediately responded for comment.



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