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POLITICAL FALLOUT: Governor’s Reputation At Stake

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Terry Branstad is Iowa’s longest serving governor. If he wins re-election, he would become the nation's longest serving governor.

But he has to convince Iowans he's still the best person for the job.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute." Don't believe everything you hear Governor Branstad warned us Monday.

It turns out, maybe we should have believed former state worker Carol Frank's claims she was paid hush money.

The truth of her words makes the governor's previous emphatic denial that the offer didn't happen potentially more damaging to his reputation.

The governor said repeatedly he never knew about confidential settlements given to former workers affiliated with a dozen different departments across the state.

Other controversies

Denial has been a big part of the governor's response in other key statehouse controversies.

When state troopers driving him got busted from driving far too fast, the governor said, “The lieutenant governor and I were both in the vehicle. We didn’t know anything about it. We didn’t know the incident even occurred.”

When news broke staff at the Iowa Juvenile Home kept troubled children locked in isolation cells for months, the governor said he didn't know.

Five months after the home's former superintendent left, when asked whether she quit or got fired the governor responded, “I don't know the information on that. I don't try to micromanage departments and agencies. “

Three high profile controversies, three denials from the governor.

Add them together and they give his long-shot challenger this to question the governor's leadership. “I'm just wondering who's in charge? He says he doesn't micromanage. But the question is, does he manage at all?" gubernatorial contender Jack Hatch asked.

The governor faced criticism for letting two men remain on their jobs too long. Employees said Public Safety Director Brian London's management style ruined morale. And they said Commandant David Worley bullied residents and staff at the Iowa Veterans Home.

The governor had initially praised both men. Both men eventually resigned.

Voters will eventually have a choice to make. Do they think the governor doesn't have a good grasp on what his managers are doing, as Hatch claims? Or when the governor finds out there has been a problem does he take decisive action?

The DAS director has been fired, the speeding troopers were reprimanded and the governor closed the Juvenile Home.

Come November voters decide whether Governor Branstad remains the best person for the job.


  • William Denison

    In a fake world Chris Christie would have been here today for a photo op with Terry Branstad. In the real world they’re complete losers

    • John Anderson

      His son was involved in an accident in the 90s by Granger that resulted in the deaths of a couple from Des Moines. His son was not breathalyzed, and he got a total fine in the 10’s (one zero) of dollars for crossing the centerline and causing death. Me, you, or our children would have been tested and put up on charges of vehicular manslaughter and served the entire sentence under Branstads administration, but under his personal responsibility for his children, he evaded responsibility then too.
      I guess if the Dallas County Atty had prosecuted his son for murder because of his habitual dui (in the record too) then Terry might have understood how inhumane his “parole hearing after serving 66 years for minors tried as adults” actually is. Terry’s integrity left the room long ago.

  • South Dakota hottie

    Oh my word,Whats happening to Iowa? Things have really gone down hill there. You all need to clean some house.

    • Harry Moyer

      We did once, and now he collects both his salary AND pension from that previous stint. What I’d like to know, (even tho I already suspect the answer is affirmative), is he going to collect TWO pensions for the same position in the same State?

  • uhofaro

    Family that have moved from this state say this is hilarious!!!!!! This is GREAT and so funny!
    He should become a standup comedian after he fails this election, he certaintly cannot be serious….. what an idiot!

  • Harry Moyer

    “Governor’s Reputation At Stake”:

    Feels like an inaccurate heading because in reality, it actually seems more like “Par For The Course”. This whole story is just another incident of a l-o-n-g line of incidents over both his Administrations.
    Just shows that “ethics” plays no role for the wealthy and the flat-earthers. It’s the only reason he got back in.

  • Harry Moyer

    FACT: There are way more intelligent progressives out there that want to reverse the income gap that the ultra wealthy have created. Way more women on both sides of politics are sick and tired of government in their personal lives. Problem is that the wealthy and American Taliban in this State are very motivated by greed and hate. (very powerful motivators)
    If Progressives don’t make this as important as a Presidential Election, we’ll get the same results as 2010 with no one to blame but ourselves.

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