13RAW VIDEO: ISU President Leath Suspends VEISHEA

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Watch the entire news conference where Iowa State University President Steven Leath announced events for VEISHEA 2014 are being suspended beginning at 5:00 p.m. Wednesday.

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  • VEISHEA: Waste of Time

    Ha ha ha. That is the ISU President? Where’d they’d find this rocket scientist? On an Arby’s commercial?

  • Dana Thompson

    Nice job, 400 ISU students make a big mess, You take it out on the rest of the students. With all the cameras going off, find the ones leading the pack, send them packing with an official signed notice on their transcript, of the reason they left Iowa State by the own dumb doings. Why not water them down with a substance like a skunk spray. How about football? It has 2 strikes on it. Bomb scare in 66 or 67 before game. Bond fire on Lincoln Way(US 30) by Clyde Williams Stadium, after a victory, believe it was Missouri in the 50’s. At this time there was no bars in Campus town, the liquor store was in Nevada.

  • Anonymous

    These students, these 400-500 students that ruined it for the rest of us need to be held accountable for happened, and no one can hold them accountable other than students of ISU. Yes we’re all angry, we’re all upset, we all as the student body worked really hard on what was going to be the best Veishea in Iowa State history. However, people have to realize that this was the best decision President Leath could have taken in his position as the president, it may not be the popular choice but it was the best and right decision. For god sake people we made it on to national news and headlines. Is that truly what we want our Iowa State legacy to be? He’s thinking about the larger body of students and into the future. We were/are under watchful eye of the public not just the Ames community but also throughout the nation. And he wanted as less of an attention on this as possible and by canceling Veishea we were able to focus on what truly is the Iowa State traditions. And by canceling Veishea less students were out last night and police were able to keep the crowd under control. Everyone is thinking about the hard work that went on during the preparations. But think about all the police officers that were on scene the time of the stampede, and the riots etc. think about how their main concern is about SAFETY not the celebration not anything else but the SAFETY OF IOWA STATE STUDENTS!
    I know it sucks, but what President Leath did was the best thing he could have done in his position. It may not be the popular choice, but in regards to safety of students and the university it’s the best decision.

  • robert

    Dana, I’m not sure if you’ve seen video footage, but good luck finding the culprits out of a group of thousands of people. Let the festivities go on, and someone else gets hurt, and the President of ISU could lose his job.

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