Courtesy: @AmesProbs

Courtesy: @AmesProbs

Iowa State University President Steven Leath says all VEISHEA activities will be suspended as of 5:00 p.m. Wednesday night.

Leath held a news conference Wednesday afternoon to discuss the incident that happened in Ames’ Campustown area late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

A car was overturned, light poles were torn down, and people in the crowd lobbed bottles at police officers responding to the scene.

Leath says he holds extreme disappointment over the incident and is embarrassed for the university and the community.

He says the decision to suspend 2014’s VEISHEA activities was made after consulting with several ISU officials including former university president Gregory Goeffroy, and the conclusion was reached with a mixed-mind and a heavy heart. It was based on the safety of students and the community, which is the school’s number one priority.

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One person was seriously injured when he was hit with a light pole as it was toppled. His name hasn’t been released but he is in the ICU at a Des Moines hospital. He is listed in stable condition.

Leath says they are working with police to help identify the people involved in the Campustown incident. They could face criminal charges as well as action by the university that could lead to expulsion.

Two people have been arrested so far.

The future of VEISHEA remains uncertain. President Leath says a task force is being formed to make recommendations about the event’s future. He says if VEISHEA continues, it’s unlikely it will survive in its current form.

Leath also told the assembled crowd that in the past, some VEISHEA problems were blamed on out-of-towners coming to Ames to participate in the event, but with issue happening so early in the week, “This time it was us.”

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