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CAMPUSTOWN CHAOS: One Seriously Hurt Overnight

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At least one man was seriously hurt overnight when a celebration during VEISHEA week at Iowa State University got out of control. Crowds flipped cars, pulled down light poles and removed stop signs.

ISU President Steven Leath says his senior cabinet will meet Wednesday morning to talk about the situation and evaluate the rest of the week's official activities.

It started around 11:30 Tuesday night when two large groups from Welch Avenue and Stanton Avenue converged.  People threw objects at officers attempting to break up the crowd, according to Commander Geoff Huff of the Ames Police Department. Huff says, "We're not sure what started it at this point."

He goes on to say,"One person was injured when he was struck in the head with a falling light pole."

Officers had to move the crowd so they could reach the injured person. Emergency crews took the person to meet a medical helicopter. Most of the crowd left after 12:30. A number of back-up officers had been called. At least two cars were flipped, two light poles downed and four stop signs removed.

In a statement released early Wednesday morning, President Leath says, "I was immediately made aware of the situation that began in Campustown shortly before midnight, and have continued to receive information over the past few hours from police and other staff. We are all distraught and disappointed over the events that have unfolded near campus overnight. I can confirm that one of our students has been seriously injured and his condition is unknown at this hour. Student Affairs staff have reached out to the family. At this time, I ask everyone to keep this student in your thoughts and prayers."

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    • Hugo S. LaVia

      His own kid killed someone while driving drunk, right? Like he’s got control over other people’s kids.

    • Paul Orton

      I find it funny that the ignorant liberals blame Branstad for the spoiling of snot nosed brats.

    • Dawn W.

      I disagree with this statement. I drank plenty in college and the worst anyone ever did was pee on a bush or puke outside. No one ever intentionally tried to destroy anything. What are these kids thinking? I would be mortified if I was any of their parents.

    • Chelsea

      I feel like 9 times out of 10 the people causing problems are people that do not even go to Iowa state. Maybe there would be less problems if it was controlled by who went to celebrate veishea. There are too many people going that it becomes out of control and people get into fights causing a riot which causes people to get hurt. Nothing will ever change unless Iowa state changes who gets to come or if they change the tradition of veishea itself.

  • Hugo S. LaVia

    I think WHO, in its continual quest to summarize EVERY story in a cutesy, two-word alliteration, is doing a huge disservice with this one.
    This was one he.ll of a lot more than “CAMPUSTOWN CHAOS” This was a riot.

  • jon doe

    A student I meet there that lived in Colorado said to me. “I quit smoking weed when I moved here, now all I do is drink. I can’t wait for veisha it’s gonna be crazy this year.”

    Now that’s all I keep thinking about. It’s kinda funny, thanks Branstad for the laughs.

  • ISU Alumni

    Bwahhh bwahhh. Lets Blame Branstad for NOT letting me smoke pot. How about just getting the education you went to school to get. I you want to party, go to Colorado, or Iowa. ISU is known for actually educating people.

    • Dawn W.

      Not sure I agree with this. Working with a couple recent ISU graduates, they don’t get the concept that work is important and not something they need to do when they can fit it in. And I am a Cyclone fan, just not of their recent graduates.

    • ISU GRAD

      I graduated from ISU, and your comment is absolutely ridiculous. ISU students are equally as stupid/reckless as the kids in the next University town/state. But, it is a fair point that you don’t hear about riots occuring every 10 or so years at those schools. ISU is an embarassment at this point, these kids obviously are less capable of handling an “adult” environment. That must be what happens when the majority of students come straight off the farm into the big city….

  • Lee ann

    Thanks for using the word EMBARRASSSING! Besides the safety of people and damage to vehicles of innocent folks, I am humiliated to have the reputation of the college damaged, yet again! Are there kids that want ISU to be classified as the “BADDEST” behaved college? Sorry to say, VIESHA should be cancelled and not resume for several years, if then.

  • Cristi Lynn Murphy

    I have lived in Iowa for 12 years and have heard of Veishea troubles including deaths and rape and most always Alcohol is involved, I would say cancel the whole event, but that isn’t fair to the Students that weren’t involved. Maybe just because you’re old enough to drink doesn’t mean you should.

  • Susan Coleman

    Very disappointing to go through this again. This deserves harsh punishment, but is that even possible? Surely, they could have been stopped before it got to “riot” size.

  • Kathi Lott

    they always seem to have a problem with this event. this is not the first time this has happened and it wont be the last time unless they actually do something about it. lets make this a completely alcohol free event and if found with alcohol its an automatic suspension for a semester with no refund and if there on a scholoarship the scholarship needs to be revoked. that or do away with this event all together.

  • William Muniz

    Cmon man! they had a blast woke up feeling bad about it.in ten years they will laugh about it.like you never did some crazy stuff when you was young.if not sorry you didnt get a chance to live. All im trying to say is get it out your system while your young.life to short.

    • Dawn W.

      There’s plenty of ways to have fun, do crazy things and get it out of your system without damaging other people’s property or the city.

      • sally

        Gotta say, I agree with Dawn. Can only hope William grew out of his poor judgement. there is a man in the hospital with a severe head injury, they life flighted him out of there. I’m sure he doesn’t feel like this was just a crazy fun night.

        If you want to get wild and crazy, have a party at someone’s house, get blasted, and stay there until everyone is sober the next day. I guess that’s how we did it when I was in college. The worst thing that ever happened was mud getting tracked in on the carpet, or someone throwing up on the floor.

  • Scott Anderson

    This honestly has nothing to do with VEISHEA at all. The ONLY connection is that SOME students and people in the area have loosely associated VEISHEA as an excuse to throw huge, out of control parties. I’ve lived in Ames for all but 1 of my nearly 35 years. VEISHEA is supposed to be for the students (of which there are far more hard working ones than trouble makers) to showcase their skills and the opportunities that Iowa State offers to the surrounding communities and potential new students. VEISHEA never was a “Celebration”. I hate that it’s described with that word. VEISHEA is the the largest student run organization and expo in the country. The idiots that gave it the moniker of “Celebration” marginally helped open it up to this kind of out of control mob mentality (althought I know that was not their intention). And the best part, as with most incidents like this in our entitlement mentality mob society, the majority will pay for the actions of the minority. Ms. Loomis said it perfectly, “It’s disgusting, this is not VEISHEA”.

    Fines and arrest records can be hidden from parents, relatives, and friends. The only real success comes when the University itself imposes strict and harsh punishment such as expulsion. But attacking the institution of VEISHEA accomplishes nothing. It’s detrimental, not beneficial. My opinion on the best way to handle this is to use the existing video and pictures to charge every single individual that can be identified as cheering on the destruction via shouting, fist pumping, etc. with inciting a riot and fined accordingly. Then, as soon as those charges are served, the University should expel those students immediately. Send a clear message that this kind of behavior will under no circumstances be tolerated. Make those responsibly pay and make the mob accountable to itself. The laws of our country require people to be allowed to peacefully assemble. This, and all previous riots during VEISHEA have been anything but peaceful. Charge them, throw them out, clean the slate.

  • Jim

    while we don’t know who started this, the history of violence at VEISHEA is that more often than not, it is started by bored troublemakers from communities outside of Ames who don’t even go to ISU

    alcohol is more an excuse, than a factor – most people can drink without acting like jerks. in most cases, alcohol cannot bring out anything that wasn’t already there to begin with – it loosens the inhibitions of someone who was already looking for a fight

  • William Denison

    What abunch of sheep and losers. You all need a foot up the backside.Go back home and live in your mommys and daddys basements you spoiled trash

  • Just a mom

    I’m so tired of people saying most aren’t ISU students. It was Tuesday night. Time for this to be over as a celebration. Stop defending the mess thus brings to town. We don’t need them here.

    • William Denison

      Thats odd, all the pics and video are clearly ISU students. Back packs and ISU sweat shirts everywhere. You need to take owership lady.

      • sally

        Yep, and ONLY ISU students can buy ISU gear. Oh wait, I own an ISUE sweatshirt and I did not go there. Many people who live in, and around, Ames, probably own ISU gear even if they have never gone to the school. William Denison, do you EVER have a helpful or positive comment to make? You stereotype, generalize, mock and put down.

        Besides, it doesn’t really matter where these people were from, just what they did.

      • William Denison

        Oh I get it now. Thats why ISU football is a hugh pile of waste. It wasn’t ISU players on the field lol

  • Sue McCaskey

    I graduated from ISU several years ago. We were so proud that ISU had the only student organized parade and celebration like this in the country at that time. Recently either outsiders to Ames, or students who must not have any respect for this event are going to permanently destroy it for everyone else. Please clamp down on the perpetrators and not the majority who love this event!

  • Chelsea

    Just because they wear ISU stuff does not mean that they are a “student” it just means they are advertising for ISU and supporting them.

  • Chelsea

    It was created for student pride! Not for outsiders to start going and advertise for ISU and then pro-trey a terrible name for them. Sure it looks “fun” but then you see all the people that get hurt and the business’ getting vandalized because of it. That does not pro-trey a good name for ISU and veishea…

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