VEHICULAR HOMICIDE: Des Moines Man Charged

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A Des Moines man injured when police say a drunk driver hit his motorcycle has now died.

Police say the crash happened March 29th and 51-year-old Michael Harden died of his injuries Tuesday.

Twenty-one-year-old Jacob Phipps is charged with vehicular homicide in the case. Police say he was driving drunk on E 30th Street south of Dean Avenue when he lost control of his car and crossed the center line. His car bounced off of the retaining wall and collided head on with Harden’s southbound motorcycle.

Phipps also faces charges of OWI, failure to maintain control, and open container. He is being held in the Polk County Jail.


  • Jody J Ratcliff

    Is Jacob, Kenny Phipps’ boy? Or Big Kenny’s Grandson? Wow .. Well? With the Iowa Laws the way they are, Jacob will only do 2 years. I know somebody else who had the same charge. It’s a 5 year Prison sentence. He only did 2 yrs. You can go to the Iowa Dept. Of Corrections, see all Prisons in the State of Iowa Are Over-Crowded. They got to let quite a bit of them out, to make room for in-coming.

  • Trevor

    If you drink and drive and kill someone. That is murder. You are a lethal weapon. It should be trated as 1st or 2nd degree murder. 25 to life without early parole.

  • Mike D

    New prison in Ft.Madison is open and ready for customers. Y’all come and stay awhile. Plenty of room!

  • Chris C

    This guy needs to pay for what he did. Killing somone isnt just a mistake. There was a guy defending him the other day and said he didnt know what he was doing because of the alcohol. You cant replace a human being.

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