CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENTS: Second Day Of Hearings Cancelled

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For the second day in a row, the Legislative Oversight Committee was forced to cancel hearing into confidential settlements for fired state workers.

The oversight committee had hoped to question two top Department of Administrative Services officials – Doug Woodley and Paul Carlson.

Woodley and Carlson told the oversight committee they couldn’t appear Thursday due to “previously scheduled work commitments.”

The chair of the oversight committee, Janet Peterson says questions from the committee aren’t going away.

House Republicans say it is all politics.

“The reality of it is anytime we try to work on something together [Democrats] find an excuse to not do it together and instead create some sort of spectacle,” Speaker of the House Kraig Paulsen claimed.

“The Jack Hatch campaign is bringing video cameras to some of these. It’s pretty obvious what is going on here.”

State Senator Janet Peterson has called for both Woodley and Carlson to be placed on leave. She also wants an independent investigation into the confidential settlements.

Hearings were also called off Wednesday after Michelle Minnehan, Human Resources Enterprise Chief Operating Officer for the Department of Administrative Services, cancelled because she wasn’t prepared to answer questions.


  • Theim

    I worked with Doug Woodley at Principal. He was incompetent there and apparently is as incompetent with the state. For those who knew Doug from his Principal days, I’m sure that when they look at the picture above, they are shocked that he isn’t looking at his Blackberry during this meeting as that was how he rolled back then.

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