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FALSE CLAIMS: ‘Do Not Hire’ List Does Exist

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

It hasn’t been a good week for former DAS Director Mike Carroll.

First he was fired after emails contradicted claims he made there was no “hush money”. Now last week’s claim to lawmakers that the state does not have a “do not hire” list has also been shown to be false.

A new report shows 975 former employees are barred from ever working for state government.

The workers listed were disqualified from future employment because they were fired or resigned. The majority are from the executive branch’s 42 agencies.

To view the list released by the Department of Administration Services, click here.


  • KAC

    I don’t understand why anyone would deny this lists existence….I think that this list being posted in of questionable validity – not sure what the point is – I think having a list is important for protection of patients/ clients/ services. I would surmise that this list is no different than any large medical facility or corporation has. If a person has had a reason to be terminated at a health facility private or government run facility for substandard care or other breach of ethics either affecting patients/ clients I would hope that person is flagged so they are not inadvertently rehired. For example in private medical facilities I have been associated with if a persob has violated confidentiality of patients, used narcotics, provided unsafe or substandard care, abused drugs… these people would not be rehired – I would not want them caring for me or anyone associated with me. You can not rely on references to turn these up as people who have had issues will skew their references and possibly work history to hide them. When someone who is aware is contacted, due to fear of legal reprisals, often they are vague on references and may not fully disclose issues the ex-employee had and causes for termination. Often less desirable employees are given chance to resign rather than be fired for same reason.

    • John

      We need a list of politicians who have been caught in outright lies so that their names can’t appear within 300 yards of a polling place. A register of liars and hypocrites- just like the sex offenders list the politicians came up with.

      • KAC

        This list is likely not “sex offenders” – more likely it is people who may have been abusive towards patients/ clients, stole narcotics from the same, stole/ abused money or other resources including time or in some other way were appropriate at their job in health related or other fields. If we are informed voters and listening to a variety of media sources we are aware of what politicians are doing without having to have a separate list published – actually that list is already “out there” – that includes being willing to listen to what the liberals blacklist as hateful for exposing some of these misuses, Fox and similiar media. Whenever they point out a misuse such as Harry Reed giving his granddaughter thousands of dollars from campaign funds for graduation they are jumped all over. How much coverage has this had on other networks? If you are only getting your news from MTV or similar outlets as many of the young generation are they are not finding out what the politicians are doing!! These outlets are more likely to ridicule any serious reporting that does not agree with their belief structure than expose the issues of any of their pet politicians.

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