POND MYSTERY: Stolen Car Submerged For 15 Years

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More details have emerged about a car found in a Des Moines pond Wednesday. It turns out the stolen vehicle was likely under water for the past 15 years.

We tracked down the son of the former owner of the car and showed him pictures of it. "Wow!" TJ Ngo said. "Things that you lost never go away. Always remain somewhere else. People can find it."

The Mitsubishi belonged to Ngo’s father, Lang Ngo. It was stolen back in September of 1999, and has likely been in Greenwood Park Pond ever since.

Crews found it Wednesday while they were dredging the pond. It’s filled with about eight inches of mud.

TJ was just a teenager when it was stolen and barely remembers the car. "Well actually when I look at the colors I still remember a little bit about it, but it's not a whole lot, you know?"

Ngo’s father retired and moved back to Vietnam. But Ngo is looking forward to calling him and telling him about the fate of his long lost car.

"I will call and tell them about the story that Channel 13 come in and show the information that the car from 15-years ago so that is really amazing. I mean it's really good."

Police say because it has been submerged for so long, there is no evidence left to collect and the chances are an arrest will never be made.


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