AGRIBUSINESS: Christmas Trees, Ready For Planting

For most crops, spring planting is close, but the ground is still too damp and cool. But for one farmer, planting is already underway.

Gary Harman plants and sells Christmas trees at Walnut Ridge Farm in Indianola, and there's a lot of trees to plant.

He says, "The soil is damp, it's not super super soggy so we can work with it, get a good get a good seal, get them into the soil, and nice and tight. There's adequate moisture to keep them going."
The trees Harman is planting now will be ready for harvest in about ten years. But not all his new crop can make it, two years ago the drought hit the Christmas trees hard, "We lost about 90 percent of what we planted."

Harman has about 40,000 trees over 40 acres, he plans on planting around 7,000 trees this year.

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