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AGRIBUSINESS: Grassley In Favor Of Trade Promotion

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This week U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman visited Japan to discuss the Trans-Pacific Partnership with his Japanese counterpart ahead of President Obama's visit with the Japanese prime minister later this month.

A finalized TPP deal could be a win for Iowa's agriculture exports, according to Senator Chuck Grassley. But even if Froman's talks prove successful, Grassley says a TPP deal won't have a green light until the president has something called Trade Promotion Authority (TPP).

Grassley says, "But Congress can't negotiate with 12 other countries. We don't have that capability 535 people you can understand that. So we delegate to the President under strict rules of what can be negotiated or not be negotiated that's called Trade Promotion Authority."


  • William Denison

    How many more Iowa jobs are you selling out now Chuckles? I use to work at Maytag……just sayin

  • Tom Klemesrud

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a secretive, multi-national trade agreement that threatens to extend restrictive intellectual property (IP) laws across the globe and rewrite international rules on its enforcement. The main problems are two-fold:

    (1) IP chapter: Leaked draft texts of the agreement show that the IP chapter would have extensive negative ramifications for users’ freedom of speech, right to privacy and due process, and hinder peoples’ abilities to innovate.

    (2) Lack of transparency: The entire process has shut out multi-stakeholder participation and is shrouded in secrecy. [End citation]

    Grassley’s being for these secret internet restrictions on freedom of speech, to drll hid GMO grain and growth hormone-tainted meats; reminds me of when he and Francis Messerly, both state politicians, secretively went to the Iowa City police to implore them to get tough and crack down on the U of I students protesting the Vietnam war in 1969. A few months later, their Republican party brought us the four shot
    died in Ohio, on the campus of Kent State University, May 4, 1970. [Woolson, Eric, “Grassley: Senator from Iowa”,1995]

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