ANTI-BULLYING SUMMIT: ‘Not In Our School’ Waukee Students Pledge

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After attending the governor’s anti-bullying summit in November some Waukee students decided to host their own summit.

It was organized by a group of seventh graders’ who say they’ve noticed bullying and it’s time to deal with it.

Friday’s discussion at Waukee Middle School focused on being kind to one another both in person and online.

They printed orange t-shirts that say “No hate at Waukee Middle School” with the hashtag #notinourschool on the back.

The students lined up a series of speakers and other activities.

“We are doing activities with more speakers about what people do online could help or hurt them in the future and we’re doing class line activities like step the line if you’re being bullied and things like that,” student Grace Millsap said.

The summit ended Friday afternoon.

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