BURNT CAR: Bob Knapp’s Death Ruled A Suicide

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Autopsy results for a former Des Moines developer found dead in a burnt out car in Guthrie County last month have been released.

Officials say Bob Knapp died from multiple cuts to his upper and lower extremities that were complicated by smoke and soot inhalation. The manner of death has been ruled a suicide.

Knapp was found in a car that was reported stolen out Waukee.

US Marshals had been seeking Knapp on a probation violation related to federal convictions for improper disposal of asbestos at the Equitable Building. He served 41 months in prison for those convictions.


  • Holly Johnson

    This article is misleading. Hasn’t it been determined that he was loaned the car by a friend? He only reported it as stolen because he didn’t return with it. Wouldn’t it be fair to say that he couldn’t return the car being he was dead already? Wouldn’t be fair to say that a warrant was issued for him because he didn’t return by curfew, possibly because he was dead already? I believe this article is misleading, why is that? Is this because it sounds juicier if you print it this way. He’s dead and you still want inflict more pain on his family. He was a good and decent family man. He lost everything he loved and paid his price for his crime while there are others getting away with it as we speak. Funny, you can do many good deeds in your life but if you do one bad thing, you’re forever remembered for that. I think he paid his price and then some. Just because you can write it doesn’t mean that you should!!!! Just saying……..

    • Mike Cee

      He was a gutless coward who, rather than act like a real man choose instead to kill himself and destroy the property of someone else at the same time.

      If you take someone’s car and don’t return it when promised then yes, it’s considered stolen. Especially when the owner of the car reports it stolen. There’s no reason to gloss over what a slimeball this guy was.

      Good riddance to bad rubbish.

      • Bob Knapp Was Railroaded

        Mike Cee, why you pick on girls and dead people? Coz yo mammo buttered your bread and yo wife took over the job from her. At least learn to butter your own bread.

  • Sarah

    I’m curious how human nature didn’t kick in — he cut himself and then burned himself – yet he didn’t try to escape the fire? I cannot begin to understand the thought process of someone taking their own life but it would be a fair statement they would want to end the pain versus torturing themselves. I do not believe for one minute this was suicide.

  • Bob Knapp Was Railroaded

    How does you get 41-months in the federal slammer for violating the Clean Air Act and the improper disposal of asbestos?

    Obama’s EPA and Holder, holding himself at the Justice Dept.

    Holly, nice job pointing out WHO’s lie. Write more, you have many fans now.

    Hey Kelly Maricle, you’ll need a miracle to keep a job and man, if you stink as bad as your article here does. Ha ha ha.

    • Mike Cee

      He was prosecuted by the State of Iowa (Tom Miller and the DNR). Neither the EPA nor President Obama had anything to do with the case.

      Maybe you should actually get your facts straight before you spout off.

  • Bob Knapp Was Railroaded

    Mike Cee, you are a creep. This man is dead and left a good family. You are probably a worthless state worker. Go tell yo dumb momma she didn’t teach you any manners and to watch your smart mouth when you speak to your superiors. You got any questions? Then shut up.

    • William Denison

      I sure hope no one from his family pick up lung cancer from a toxin let fly by a greedy slimball. Hes where he needs to be now.

    • Sorry for his family, but....

      Sorry, I don’t think Mike Cee is a creep, I think he is just callin’ ’em like he sees ’em.
      What a jerk to borrow some one else’s car to destroy! Goodness, if you are such a coward that you are going to commit suicide rather than face your crimes, at least don’t cost someone else something. Course, I guess since he didn’t mind costing his employees their lives by exposing them to carcinogens (not to mention how many other people were exposed to them by the improper disposal of the asbestos), I guess it stands to reason he wouldn’t mind costing a buddy his car.
      I see someone saying ‘show some respect for Mr. Knapp’. How much respect did he pay to anyone? Was he showing any respect to his employees when he put them in a potentially life threatening situation? I suppose he figured it was safe. By the time the cancer shows up there won’t be any way to tie it to the asbestos removal.
      Was HE showing any respect, at all, for his family, when he committed suicide? Suicide is a very selfish act. He left his family holding the bag.
      Nope, hard to have any respect for a man who refuses to respect anyone else around him.

      • Holly Johnson

        I simply said “show some respect for his family!” Guess you can’t read. I guess you think they should suffer more!

  • Holly Johnson

    You are all so quick to pass judgement on someone you don’t know. All I am saying is that he has a family that is in pain from their loss. I’m not condoning what he did, I’m just simply stating that we don’t know all. Show some respect. Mr Knapp is dead, what more does one want from him? What if this was your father/brother/uncle/friend? Would you want to read these nasty comments? Until you’ve walked in someone eleses shoes, I don’t think we have a right to judge. Stop being so hypocritical and look into a mirror. Are all of you so perfect? I bet if you were completely honest with yourself, you would find things you’re not so proud of. What if you world found out about your deepest, darkest secrets? Nothing like having a wound exposed and someone keeps picking at it so it couldn’t heal. All of you are bullies and you wonder why we have anti bullying laws in our schools!!!!!! Grow up and think about the family and please show some respect!!!!

    • Butters

      I agree with Holly. I do not know Bobby Knapp, but heard he was a nice man. I do know the Feds can make anyone guilty of anything they want. They abuse their power . Read all of the stories about it in USA TODAY. Read where Judge Otis Wright slams the Feds for creating a crime, then charging people for the crime ( that they made up) so they could further their own careers. There is a reason most people plead guilty, even if they are not…. The Feds hold all the power, they will pay their witnesses while threatening yours!
      Sorry to hear about Mr. Knapp but the Feds will not stop until they ruin you. Don’t beleive me, go and read about it or ask any attorney that will NOT take on Federal cases.

  • Sorry for his family, but....

    Of course it is a sad day for his family. However, he was convicted of pretty serious EPA crimes.
    His family will have his ill-gotten wealth to continue on with. The Knapp family is not exactly hurtin’.
    I’m not so sure the families of the people who are going to end up with cancer from his negligence will feel quite so sorry for him and his family.
    What about the young father of 2 that dies, after a long, expensive battle? His family will be left without a father, and deep in debt.
    Yeah, sorry, got no sympathy for him. He broke the law out of creed, then took the coward’s way out.

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