CAR DITCHED: Driver Arrested Day After Chase

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Officers have arrested the man involved in a two county chase.

Police say 30-year-old Derek Rupe was behind the wheel. The Fifth Judicial District warrant squad picked him up in Des Moines on Friday.

Rupe has a history of dangerous driving and does not have a valid driver's license. Rupe also faces charges for drug possession and assault with a deadly weapon. Witnesses told police Rupe hit a man with his car and took off April 1st.

The chase started in Warren County but ended with the suspect driving into Blank Golf Course while customers were golfing.

No one was injured.

Aside from a broken fence, authorities say the course is in decent shape.

“We`re going to start working with the contractor to get estimates and see what it will cost and see how long it will take to repair. But again luckily we were fortunate that it hasn`t hindered the golf course being open and golfers being out and playing,” Des Moines parks and rec's Jen Fletcher said.

Despite the damage to the golf course it is open for its regular hours.