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COOKING CLASS: Young Moms Learn Basics

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Putting a nutritious meal on the table every night can stressful, especially for busy young parents. One group of moms got a lesson about an important tool in the kitchen.

Raelynn Wheeler says, “We’re here for a cooking class."

She goes on to say, “I'm excited. I can cook some, but not a whole lot, so I'm interested to see what happens today."

Wheeler has a three year old and an eight week old at home, along with a new fiance. She says, "I got engaged on my 21st birthday, which was three days ago."

Wheeler is part of the Young Women's Resource Center. The group helps girls 10 to 21 build life skills. The Kitchen Collage invited young moms from the center to a basic knife skills class at the East Village business.

Co-Owner Teresa Adams-Tomka says, "We're learning how to mince garlic, chop an onion, dice a carrot, and what that builds, is just those trinities, that basis of soups or casseroles, just really basics that should be the flavor in each one of your recipes."

Participants learn about knife sharpening. Instructor Clark Stone with Wusthof says, "If you use your knives daily, once a week, sharpen your knives."

They also learn about carving. Stone explains, "You're going to carve it from front to back. You'll get a lot more piece for serving, a little more uniform in size."

They also learn about cooking. Stone says, "They're going to cut a lot of basic stock."

The ladies will take home some of the stock and two tools the instructor says everyone needs. Stone tells the young moms, "In your bag, you'll find an 8 inch chef's knife. And, then there will be a little box with a paring knife in it."

The young moms will also find a recipe in the bag they get to take home, so they’ll have everything they need to put a healthy meal on the table. Stone says, "So instead of buying a lot of prepared foods that have preservatives, chemicals in it, they can buy better quality foods at a lower price and do it themselves."

The class was free for the young moms. It was part of the Kitchen Collage's 15th anniversary celebration.

The Kitchen Collage hosts a knife skills class two times a year for the public. The next one is May 15th. It costs $45 to register and you'll get to take home a paring knife.

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  • Great job, everyone should know the basics

    Kudos to these young ladies and the Kitchen Collage for offering the class. Too many people these days consider it ‘cooking’ to toss something frozen into the microwave.
    I have two teenage boys and will readily admit to the use (and sometimes overuse) of convenience food. However, I can still prepare a meal, a good meal, from scratch, and prefer to do so.
    In today’s age of food allergies, I would think cooking would be a necessary skill.
    I am glad to see kids exposed to cooking in school as well. My boys can both cook, and enjoy it. There is a lot of pride in putting a healthy, tasty meal, that you prepared, on the table!

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