IOWA VISIT: Paul Ryan Tells GOP To ‘Give Up Infighting’

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He didn't win Iowa as a vice presidential candidate in 2012 but Friday Paul Ryan was back in Iowa, potentially laying the groundwork for a 2016 run at the top of the ticket.

It was a big week for the Wisconsin congressman.

Thursday the House passed a budget plan he authored that promises to balance the budget within a decade. Tonight he was in Cedar Rapids raising money for Iowa Republicans and making an early impression on 2016 caucus voters.

He talked frequently about working together. Ryan said while others accuse the GOP of having different fractions, what they’re really disagreeing on is the tactics and not the overall principals. His theme was unity.

“This is the Lenten season, I’m also a Catholic, so you have to give up something during Lent. Here’s what I suggest we give up – let’s try and give up the infighting, let’s give up the tunnel vision, let’s give up the acrimony,” Rep. Paul Ryan told the audience at the Lincoln Dinner fundraiser.

“The left loves to say that our party is in this big civil war, that we’re tearing each other apart. I don’t see it that way.”

There were about 350 Iowa Republicans in attendance.


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